The Healing Field of 9-1-1. . . by Betty Mason Arthurs

Doing Life Together

The victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are honored each year in our city. The Healing Field tribute of nearly 3000 flags is at a park in downtown Tempe, Arizona. The flag poles are six feet tall and spread over two acres on a grassy field near our lake. It is a heart breaking experience to see America’s red, white and blue flags with gold stars waving in a gentle breeze, and once again feel the grief of that horrific day.

Little boy and flags

Each flag has a tag with the name of the person killed. A pair of combat boots rests underneath the flag poles of the ones who were members of the military. There are stuffed animals tucked beneath the flags of the children lost.

Last year my husband and I, along with others, meandered through the flags and stopped to read some of the names. We wondered…

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